Mac camera support..again

hi guys, we bought the logitech c920s as you suggested for istop motion on the college i macs, sadly we have had real issues with the cameras strobing badly whilst under any light. It turns out that this may be a simple switch to 50htz from the preset 60 (we are based in the UK… apparently a common issue). However logitech offer no mac support/ drivers to sort the issue out (if we used a pc it would have been a simple click)! We tried downloading an app called webcam setting, but alas that didn’t work either.

Are there any other cameras you could suggest (not DSLR) that are mac compatible?


Hi Vicky,
Webcam settings works perfectly with the C920, you can even switch it from 60hz to 50hz and all the flickering disappears. You can even set 50hz as the default. Just make sure Webcam Setting is running all the time in the background.

If you want a photo camera that also delivers a live feed, you’ll need a DSLR.