Lumix FZ100, why you no work?

I have recently bought the software iStopMotion only to discover my camera doesn’t support capturing images.
I should have checked first to see if my camera to see if it works, but I had no idea I had to. I was wondering if there is any way to make it work with my camera, at all. It was pretty much the point of buying the software to begin with. With out that option things are pretty limited.

is it because of the cameras mode when plugged in via USB why it won’t work?
I have no clue.

Edward H-C

Unfortunately it looks like that all the LUMIX products can only be used to download images, not to capture them. To test your camera, we have implemented a testing assistant in the “Sources” menu of iStopMotion (“Test Still Camera”). The results of those tests which are shared by users can be found here: Anyways there aren’t any LUMIX products listed because the camera don’t support remote capturing via USB.

Technically spoken: We are using a software framework by Apple to trigger the capture button on the cameras. Apples framework is using the PTP-protocol to talk to the cameras in order to control them. The LUMIX products seems not to support this protocol, therefore Apple ca’t use them to trigger the capture button and we don’t get an image in iStopMotion.