Lower Thirds using image sequence

Is it possible to use an image sequence or a short video (either) for my lower thirds bar? I tried to change the source but it only wants ONE image. Can anyone shed some light on this question, please?

I use a looping video as my bar. Set it to loop in QT before importing.

Please help me - how do you loop a video - i successfully changed the clip in QT - but in Boinxtv it will only play once

I get the same results as mynewstv. It plays only once and does not loop. It would be nice to see a feature where we could import and loop image sequences.

That would be a great update that I personally could use. And Im sure Im not the only one that would like to have such an update (hint, hint).

you have to loop it in QT, then re-save it. Once its re saved, it will always loop. NOTICE: The latest versions of QT do NOT loop. Use an old version if your current version doesn’t work.

I see. I will this!