Lower 3rds Pack adjust position

Hi all,

I just purchased the lower 3rds pack. Really nice set of animated lower 3rds that would allow on the fly adjustments.

I would like to request that we could adjust the positions of the lower 3rds. Sometimes I would like to layer it above a ticker tape or position it closer to the live cam window.

In the meantime, is there a workaround solution? Thanks!

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Left of below method, might work as a workaround:

Place the lt-layer(s) beind all the content (at the very bottom), use a syphon sender layer to submit it to the sources. Add a syphon receiver source, add a pip layer on top, and move it to wherever you want. Notice: use a box layer to aim a black background before the syphon sender layer. The background layer would prevent everything below from rendering.