Low music quality after exporting video from FOtomagic 5.5

Hi there,

I created a slideshow with my own ripped music file. Music file quality was 44.1Khz, 256kbps. After I exported it, the music sounds good in my headphones.

However, when i played the video in my organisation’s multipurpose hall using the sound system, the music sounded terrible. It is as if a very low quality music file had been played. I tried adjusting various settings of the system but to no avail.

I also played the unexported slideshow from Fotomagic05 but the low quality sound was still there. I played the music file from itunes and there was no problem with it, music sounded very good.

Please help, as my next slideshow is in 3 weeks time, for a large audience.


@“Wee Nghee Ng” I’m sorry to hear about the problems.

Because we use the code provided by macOS, there should be no reason why the music would sound differently when played on a sound system compared to headphones except for when the input of the sound system is set to an unsuitable sensitivity causing the sound system to overdrive. How did you connect the Mac to the sound system? Was it the same setup (Mac, cable, sound system) you played the iTunes music on?

Can you provide us with a download link for the slideshow? (Send privately to support@boinx.com)

I also thought it was my sound system. I know a little bit of adjusting the settings on the amplifier and adjusted it, but it doesnt work.

I played the fotomagico exported video on another PC laptop. I thought it was the PC that gave problem. I played a video exported from iPhoto , and it gave me good quality music. I changed to a Mac, and played the exported video (mac,cable, sound system), and also played from FM5 (mac, cable, sound system). Both ways from a Mac, the music quality was bad. The music from itunes was also played connected in the same way and produced good quality.

I will send a link to you in a while.

Link is sent.