Losing links to audio files and Story snippets

I’ve been working on my first slideshow with version 5. All was going fairly well even though it’s a long show. I work on it on and off using a portable hard drive to store photos I’m using. I’ve done this four or five times using my laptop and a computer at work (Macs). Now that I have all my photos, music, transitions, etc. in place, I find broken links. First it was some of the photos which I relinked easily. The audio files, which I purchased from Boinx had broken links and the path it was showing me I could not find. For instance they say /user/peter/Desktop/Snippet Placeholders/Placeholders/ then a bunch of numbers ending with .png. There is not user named Peter on any of my computers. I started to just replace the audio track using the same songs as before but then found I could not locate some of them. They just disappeared from the purchased songs list. The other links missing were from the Stories snippet named Exposition. I could also replace these but the will have to reposition my titles.

Has anyone had this happen before? It’s almost like parts of it are corrupt. The photos seem fine, at least I hope so. This was a lot of work and I’d hate to loose it and have to start over again. Thanks for any help.