looping video

I’m trying to loop an existing video. I duplicate it in QT with LOOP ON and resave it, but it still does not loop. Any thoughts?



Make sure you do this in QuickTime Player 7 not in QuickTime X.

I did this in 7. I duplicated the clip, set the loop flag on and resaved it. NO LUCK! :frowning:

spoke too soon Installed7.6. The loop flag is greyed out. Its currently an .mov file. Does it need to be mp4?

so as I understand it, QT7 and OS 10.7 are not playing well together and seem to grey out the loop option. BOINX>>>>>What can I do?

OK…came up with a solution. I saved the file on my PC QT as looping, imported into the mac and it WORKS@!!! :slight_smile: