Looping Background

I just purchased boinx tv home from the app store. I want to create a looping animated background from a pice of video I own. I went to view loop in quicktime then saved the video. I used a placer layer then added it as media. It does not loop. Any suggestions?

Johnny, we have regularly looped Quicktime video in BoinxTV (standard edition). We are also using Quicktime Pro 7 to save the looped version. When attempting to save a looped movie in the most recent version of Quicktime X, we found that after we chose View–>Loop, saved the file, the setting changed back after we had closed and re-opened the file. Try authoring the file in Quicktime Pro 7 and see if that solves the problem.


To loop a video in BoinxTV, just set the loop flag in Quicktime Player 7 (View > Loop, Then save the movie) This will loop the video also in BoinxTV.
As altplanet already said, it doesn’t stick in QT X for some reason. In QT 7 it does.