Looking to get 3 or more HDMI cameras pulled into a MacBook Air for Live Editing with BoinxTV.

First of all, this stuff looks great and it seems like EXACTLY what I want!

I’m getting a new MacBook Air, and hope I can purchase this software, and then take my 3x Sony HDMI cameras and connect them to work with BoinxTV.

I want an ULTRA lightweight Live Editing system and the few pieces of the puzzle that are missing currently are…

1.) How can I get multiple (3 or more) cameras [HDMI] connected to my MacBook Air.
2.) How would I pull in Audio.
3.) How would I get a stream back OUT to my Leightronix PEGVault system I have that will allow me to broadcast back to our Gov’t Access TV Station.
– Or, how could I get some sort of output (Stream to the web is nice, but I need to pull feed back to our playout server) of the final mixed feed (audio and video) to connect to my recorder device, which again, is a Leightronix PEGVault mpeg2 recorder / Video over IP box. This box has an standard RCA audio that it accepts (I could get adapters) and it accepts BNC video.

We broadcast in Standard def, the main reason for going with HDMI is the hopes of pulling the feed in easily and quickly to the MacBook Air.

Am I doing it wrong?

Thanks guys!

Someone on http://reddit.com/r/filmakers suggested I use a Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D ( http://www.blackmagic-design.com/products/ultrastudio3d/techspecs/ ). I’m curious if this will work or not. I do have a thunderbolt port, so that’s a win!

Maybe this would work…

So many choices my head kinda swims.

If you go 640x480 @ 15fps, maybe but to be honest, the simple answer is: No way!
The MBA is not powerful enough. HDMI mostly means HD and a full fledged MacPro is way to busy with that. But even 3 SD cameras with the very weak MBA graphics card is just not feasible.