Looking for the good camera?

I want to buy a new camera for using IstopMotion Express (I have a Mac Book Pro Mac Os 10.6.8).
For the moment I did not buy IstopMotion Express, before I want to be sure to buy the good camera. I have a Nikon D5000 but it don’t work good we IstopMotion…
Do somebody have a good combination “Still Camera + IstopMotion Express” to recomand ? I have a budget of 500€ for the still camera.
Thanks for your comment and sorry for my English…

The Nikon D5000 should work with iStopMotion when set to PTP mode regarding to our user-tested device list: http://boinx.com/istopmotion/support/inputdevices/ However Apple screwed up the camera support in 10.6.x. Most of the bugs are fixed with 10.7. It may be much cheaper for you to update your MacOS-X and use the camera you already own :wink:

Hi Achim from Boinx, I just purchased istopmotion based on your statement that the D5000 should work with the software. It does not. I called nikon and they told me they knew nothing about PTP mode they had to google it just to see what it was. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. I downloaded a trial version of dragon frame and it works fine with onion skinning in that App. I have already put in a support ticket and was told I would get a call back today. I like your software a lot but the best feature about it is its onion skinning ability and if I can’t do that with my camera it is not really a practical application for me.

Since Achims comment was from two years ago, a lot changed in iStopMotion and cameras since then. We added Live View for selected cameras to iStopMotion. There is a list on http://boinx.com/connect/istopmotion/supportedcameras of all camera models.

@ Bastian, Hmmmmm but you list makes not mention of the D5000.

I am looking to purchase a cheap DSLR for using for my Photography course and with iStopmotion. I could use my iPad app and iPhone, but wanted to use a DSLR as my iPad and phone are aged and tend to be slower on the latest updates.

We are talking over £120 of a difference in cost between the Nikon D5000 and D5100. Money as a student I can’t afford to waste.

So according to your list the D5000 is not guaranteed to work as it does not appear on the list and so, even though you said “since Achims comment was from two years ago, a lot changed in iStopmotion and cameras since then” you have not answered the question. I suppose I could buy the Nikon D5000 and with the money saved put it towards DragonFrame in the future, but that does not help me now…

Regards David.

One of the reasons for looking at the Nikon instead of canon is that I have a Nikon D70S with lenses, so the lens could be used on the secondhand body, rather than having to buy a Canon body and then secondhand lens also. I could try trading in the Nikon gear, but who wants an old DSLR compared to the modern stuff today.

Regards David.