Long cable runs and Reden für Menschlichkeit event

I sampled the Boinx team’s impressive coverage of the Reden for Menschlichkeit event. You had mentioned you used 5 cameras switched on a MacPro. I am hoping you might include a few more details of the production. Were the cameras connected directly to the MacPro, or did they flow through an ATEM switcher? It looked like you had a considerable cable run, with a couple of cameras on stage and others at the back of the theater. What kind of cabling did you use to connect the cameras? Long HDMI cables? Long Firewire cables?

We’re using Sony Z7U cameras which have firewire connections, HDMI, and composite connections. Long cable runs have been an issue for me, so I’m interested in hearing from other users as to how they’re handling long cable runs. Is NDI something I should be looking into more thoroughly? We do sports from time to time and the quick action requires us to be in synch as much as possible. Appreciate any insight.

@alternativeplan Thank you for your interest in mimoLive and the Reden für Menschlichkeit event.

The cameras were connected with SDI cables to Blackmagicdesign UltraStudio Mini Recorders which in turn connected to the MacPro through Thunderbolt. All five video sources were switched using mimoLive’s built-in Switcher layer.

There are also pretty long HDMI cables and extenders through CAT6 cables. Alternatively, HDMI to SDI converters and SDI cables are also a possibility to cover long distances, which, due to the more robust nature of SDI cables I would recommend.

Thank you, Oliver! May I ask what kind of cameras you used to cover that event?