LiveView for Nikon D810

Hi, Nikon released the SDK for the Nikon D810 September last year. Do you have any plans to support it ?




you can find a new FAQ article concerning this question at

To add live view for a specific camera model, we need physical access to the exact model. So as long as we didn't have the chance to test a model ourselves adding support is not possible. Please understand that we are unable to purchase every single DSLR model on the market to test this. Most camera rentals only have the high-end models in stock so adding lower end models is even harder. Right now we exclusively focus on Canon and Nikon DSLRs since they have the largest market share and implementing other vendors live view protocols is not feasible at the moment.

All very reasonable comments. My observations …

  • The Nikon D810 is made by Nikon, suggests its potentially in scope.
  • Its reasonably easy to rent.

Conclusion, it appears to be in scope of your criteria. It seems to be achievable in a practical sense, the hardware and SDK are available. I guess it comes back to desire/willing/resources.

Would be safe to assume that there is little chance of being supported in this version ?



Here are a few pointers about using Live View mode on nikon d810:

  • Press the Info button (on top of the camera) to change the type of data displayed on the monitor. You can choose from the displays shown in the figure:

  • Show Photo Indicators: Reveals extensive shooting data for still photography. The camera uses this display mode by default.

  • Show Movie Indicators: Displays data related to movie recording, as shown in the upper-right screen in the figure. The transparent gray bars that appear along the top and bottom of the screen show how much of the vertical image area is excluded from the frame if you set the movie resolution to a setting that produces a 16:9 frame aspect ratio.

  • The only setting that doesn’t produce this ratio is 640 x 424, which captures a 3:2 frame, the same as a still photo.

  • Hide Indicators: Displays only the basic shooting data shown in the lower-left example in the figure.
    For more information visit Nikon d810 Manual-