Live view with Canon Rebel XSi

I am not able to get a live view/preview with my Canon Rebel XSi. I have tried multiple settings on the camera, but never get beyond the “You need to enable the live preview from the control bar below” message. I have attached a screen shot. I suspect it may have something to do with the auto settings on the camera (indicated by the yellow triangle alert top-right side); however, I have set the camera to fully manual mode, but still get the warning. Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.

Please apologize the incorrect wording: The live view button has moved to the upper right, second next to the “Live View” option. However it may work better, if you switch off the camera, remove the memory card, turn it on again and select it in iStopMotion. Sometimes the connection fails if there are too many pictures on the memory card.

Thanks for the fast response. I’ve tried this with the memory card in and removed. I’ve also tried it with the camera on before the program opens and after the program opens. Finally, I’ve tried it with new projects and existing projects. I have not had success yet. When the upper right button is pressed (attached screen shot), the controls change and I am able to control the camera but I do not get a live preview. I don’t know if this is helpful, but when I select the calibrate button, I only get the light and dark squares, but do not see any image. Is there anything else that I could try? Thanks in advanced.

I am trying the update of this software. I am still not able to get a live preview or even capture images from a Canon Rebel XSi. Software crashes on all attempts with or without memory card and regardless of starting software and camera. I would recommend you remove this model as a supported camera on your website before someone else purchases your product.

Yeah. I purchased iStopMotion 3 and a Canon Rebel XSi. I’m having this same issue. I also purchased a Canon Rebel T2i for 3x the price. Same problem. I’m really disappointed that this is problem came up 4 years ago, still isn’t solved and after one response, the support person gave no further replies. What’s going on?

I just purchased 3.8.2 and am unable to get Live Preview to work with my Canon T2i. Can you please post a solution or a link to a version of the software that DOES support this feature? According to the list of supported cameras, this one should work. Thanks!