live view issue with Canon 700D

I’ve just purchased istopmotion 3.x. I have canon 700D which is listed under the supported cameras, however when I connect the camera it says, “No live preview for selected device… You need to manually update the preview by pressing the preview button in the transport area.” I can’t use the most useful feature of the software. I’ve tried using Canon 5D, 6D and still get the same message. I use these cameras and get a live view in Dragonframe, there shouldn’t be any problem with my camera settings. What else should I do to get a live view with Canon 700D in istopmotion?

I have the same problem with the 5d markIII. And I’m just a bit upset, because I did read that live view is available.
Does anyone knows a solution?

I have changed the settings under debug preferences, after restarting the software and camera 10 times because it keeps crashing, I got the live view working. But when I try to take a photo it crashes again. I bought multiple licensed copies for our stop-motion workshops and none of them works. I’m really disappointed

I have the same problem with a Nikon D5200.
There is no solution ?