live view and capture fail

I am having trouble using istopmotion 3.6 with my canon 5d mark ii, running on a macbook pro, mavericks through a mini USB. Previously used 3.5 with a canon 7d and mini USB and worked fine. Now the live view is distorted, with the right side of the view stretched horizontally. And then when I capture the image, the image that is record is in a different position to the camera view, sometimes even rotating and zooming in!

I have attached some images to show what it should be shooting, what the live view is showing and what the captured image looks like.

When I used this software before I was impressed with how simple it was to use and the results I got producing a 2 minute animation. Now when I attempt to use it on a shoot a second time it completely fails! I really want it to work again! Can anyone help? Thanks.

We had a similar issue with a Mk II that was running an old firmware version. Can you please check if your 5D is running on the latestet Canon firmware?