Live Video Essentials

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           <p><p>What is 1080i? 720p? ProRes 4444? Chromakeying? Learn the basic terminology of live video production from our resident expert, Leo. So far, he produced 4 episodes of the <a href="">Live Video Essentials</a> for you. </p>  <ul> <li>Episode 1: <a href=";list=PLqmpupU7CLwgcrQrLumrUOIhNlGOj0ens">Greenscreening</a></li> <li>Episode 2: <a href=";list=PLqmpupU7CLwgcrQrLumrUOIhNlGOj0ens">Frame Rate and Dimensions</a></li> <li>Episode 3: <a href=";list=PLqmpupU7CLwgcrQrLumrUOIhNlGOj0ens">Progressive vs Interlaced</a></li> <li>Episode 4: <a href=";list=PLqmpupU7CLwgcrQrLumrUOIhNlGOj0ens">Color Depth</a></li> </ul>  <p>If you subscribe to the series on YouTube, you won't miss the next Episode on Chroma Subsampling.</p>  <p><a href="" class="button">Watch and subscribe to Live Video Essentials...</a></p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Thank You so much for those videos.