Live streaming, recording and incoming Skype calls

Hello, i am new to boinxtv. I would like to broadcast a show trough live streaming with two camera’s connected trough SDI and HDMI with capture cards. I use an MACPRO with two screens. Do i understand that both for the live streaming and incoming calls like skip or ichat i need a second screen? That would mean i need a second and a third screen if i like live broadcasting and incoming calls? In that case i would have to install a second video card. Or i am i not understanding things properly?

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Ronald Pronk

Skype i was trying to type, sorry for the mistype

One method that was explained to me is to have the Skype call in a small window on your screen or a second (third) screen. Then use NEW SCREEN and custom screen size to capture the skype video as a source. Now as for capturing the Skype audio feed, that one I’m still guessing that if you have SUNFLOWER installed on your computer then you can capture the Skype audio and use it in BOINX. Someone else will need to confirm that for you. The issue I see with using SUNFLOWER is that if you are recording your BOINX show and also capturing audio from SUNFLOWER your BOINX might not be recording the correction audio signal. Someone would need to confirm this.
Hope some of what I have said will help you.

Regarding pauldonovan’s quite helpful previous post, you just have to replace “new screen” by “new screen source”, and “sunflower” by “soundflower”. If you use the screen source method, you don’t need an extra screen. I use BoinxTV together with PowerPoint and Skype configured as screen sources flawlessly on SD wide 854x480 (of course, you need a large monitor for that - I have a 27-inch iMac). Soundflower is an audio redirector that works quite well with BoinxTV, but something you may try out is to install Livestream Procaster, even if you don’t have plans to stream using Livestream. When you install Procaster, it creates an audio source called “Procaster Audioredirector” which you can use independently from Soundflower if you want to have incoming audio from apps such as Skype and also route your outgoing audio to a streaming service. Hope this helps.