Live Preview malfunction with Canon 700D

Howdy. New to iStopMotion.
Problem… I can’t seem to calibrate the live preview correctly with my Canon 700D (T5i). Camera is mounted on a steady tripod.
The checker boards don’t align when I perform calibration. I’ll take the first shot and it will appear about an inch above the live view. Is this normal? Doesn’t seem like it. Sometimes i can’t even get this far, I will get a error message in calibration telling me that it couldn’t be processed. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

calibration is only necessary for Nikon cameras.

Hi Bastian. Thanks for your reply. Tried without calibrating. Same result. I’ve attached some shots. The 2nd one shows what it looks like when I take the first picture. As you can see the onion skin is WAY off… Which makes it useless. These photos were taken matching the aspect ratio of the camera with the document size in iStopMotion. Do you think there’s something going wrong there? That’s the only reason I can think of as to why it’s so out of wack. Spent a lot of dough on equipment to use with this program, and wanna start using it, so it’s very frustrating.


Also… I’m getting heaps of this when I try to take a shot:
Could not connect to digital still camera. The operation timed out

I ( and many others ) are experiencing similar difficulties. Mostly the operation timed out message, and on the few instances where live view has almost worked, image preview and actual image taken to timeline are WAY different. Very frustrating indeed.

I have the same problems - onion skinning is way off and sometimes I get the error message stating that the digital still camera could not connect and that the operation has timed out. The error occurs without changing anything on the camera or unplugging the USB cable. It is very frustrating. Why are the DSLR’s listed as supported when there clearly is a problem?