Live Preview - Canon Rebel T5i

Here is (yet) another issue with Live Preview. We have just purchased a Canon Rebel T5i, with the intention of purchasing an additional 5.
The issue is like everyone else issue. The Live Preview fails to work right out of the box. You have to enabled Debug Mode to get the Live Preview working. (How is that any good!). Then when I take a photo it either crashes or i receive a ‘Communication error’ and the photo is not displayed. I have been reading all the other fixes for other cameras and tried them all. Changing any of the settings has not helped with the resolution.
We just spent over $800 on licenses for this software and are planning on purchasing 5 more cameras, yet the procedure is not sufficient for a classroom.
We have been using a really old copy with Firewire connections with NO issues…but DSLR works like beta Software.
Any help would be REALLy appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi there! Thank you for your trust in us and iStopMotion! I hope we can figure this out!

The big difference between DSLR and DV-Firewire is that DV-Firewire is a standard that the camera vendor has to implement, vs. talking to a Canon DSLR is what we have to implement in iStopMotion. Therefore we white listed certain cameras which we tested by our self. (Actually this should include your Canon Rebel T5i (T700D), not sure why you need to work in Debug Mode to switch off the white listing?)

If you have the Canon EOS Utility installed, it will open up by default as soon as you connect your Canon EOS DSLR. This will interfere with the communication between iStopMotion and your camera. Even closing EOS Utility will not solve this issue if it ran once.

To solve this, please open up “Image Capture” that you find in your /Applications folder, make sure your EOS camera is selected in the left-hand column, then open the “Connecting options” and select “No application” instead of “EOS utility”.

Now disconnect your camera, close Image Capture, close EOS utility and close iStopMotion. Now re-connect the camera and re-open iStopMotion.

I hope this will get your live preview to work! Please let me know!

Hello Achim.
Thank you for your reply.
I had not installed the EOS software as I did not think it was relevant to the operation of iStopMotion. I have since installed EOS and ran the update.
Image capture was already set to ‘No Application’.
I attempted your instructions with "Ignore Whitelisting for Digital Still Cameras’ unchecked but i could not get the Live View working. Once i check the Debug Preference the Live worked and I could take photos.

My question is should iStopMotion be working with the Whitelist option unchecked or checked?
If unchecked, there is a set up on the DSLR which is incorrect. I have whatever I can set to Manual on the DSLR, but i could have missed something.
Does EOS utility have anything to do
with iStopMotion? Does it need to be installed on all our Macs running iStopMotion?
Are there any settings i need to change in the EOS software?
Just trying to document the process to pass onto the teachers so they can instruct the class with the new cameras and software.


I tried and experienced the same situation with the Canon 7D. I followed the steps noted by Achim (above). The camera is listed as a source, but the Live Preview is not supported, although it’s on the list of supported Canon cameras. I take a shot, but a dialog box appears saying the image is not able to be downloaded and that I need to disconnect, turn off the camera, and try again. No success. I feel you pain.