Live output using BOINX

I have a studio and we mix all the cameras through a traditional switcher. I want to bring the signal into the computer and use BoinxTV to add lower thirds and run news packages. Is there anyway to send that video out live to a projector or TV?

Hello tayproductions,

with the BoinxTV Full Version you are able to output the live video of BoinxTV on the secondary monitor port of your computer in order to put it on a projector or feed it back into a broadcasting system.

Are there any plans to allow continuous SDI passthrough? We have what sounds like the same setup, but I would like to input SDI video, lay graphics live over the SDI, and output SDI back to our broadcast equipment. I’d like to do it using a blackmagic card or similar.

You can connect a DVI to SDI Converter to your graphics card output to have SDI playout.

We have Boinx TV full academic version and are looking to switch from Windows based software. In our trial runs, we have only been able to output a 16:9 letterbox window (kind of like a small quicktime movie window) of our show through our closed circuit tv system at school. How do I set up our broadcast to send our live feed at a 4:3 ratio throughout our campus? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Is there any manual available online?

To clarify, we are using a new iMac, not a Mac Pro. Do we need a Mac Pro with a secondary graphics card to output live full screen video to our closed circuit system? We cant seem to be able to push live full screen video out the way we are doing things now.

If you set up your document 4:3 you should be able to send out 4:3 too. It depends on a bit on the SDI converter you are using how it works in your case.

Is it possible to output live video from Boinxtv to a secondary monitor with the home version?

No, the home version doesn’t support fullscreen playout.