live camera latency

I have been producing a live production with Boinx and am hoping someone has a suggestion for eliminating the latency I am getting. My set up is a single camera input via firewire into a Macbook pro 17 an output via a Matrox mxo to a led screen. My issue is the video trails the audio by about 1/4 -1/2 sec and looks a little funny. I am not running my audio through the Boinx but rather strait out the PA. We do use Boinx for audio when we roll videos and b roll stuff just not live camera shots. The reason the audio goes strait out the PA is there is so many audio channels and audio cues the sound requires a person just to produce that. Any ideas?

Thanks Dave

which macbook pro (specs), camera are you using? What you can do is pick up the live output from the board, pass it to the mbp & then use the Devices control pane from BoinxTV > Preferences to set the delay on the input. Then output to the PA. it’s normally 1/2 sec off for me but ymmv.

also, have you tried outputting with just the display connection on the MBP? there should be another way to hook up to the display without the MXO which might help the delay, but it’s not going to eliminate it, as fw cam video have a bit of delay

Is the camera set to HDV? HDV has a huge delay compared to normal DV. Even DV has some delay as the video gets compressed in the camera and needs to be decompressed in the computer.