live camera latency

I have been producing a live production with Boinx and am hoping someone has a suggestion for eliminating the latency I am getting. My set up is a single camera input via firewire into a Macbook pro 17 an output via a Matrox mxo to a led screen. My issue is the video trails the audio by about 1/4 -1/2 sec and looks a little funny. I am not running my audio through the Boinx but rather strait out the PA. We do use Boinx for audio when we roll videos and b roll stuff just not live camera shots. The reason the audio goes strait out the PA is there is so many audio channels and audio cues the sound requires a person just to produce that. Any ideas?

@dimaria The lag you see is caused by the Firewire camera. To eliminate it, use SDI or HDMI and a grabber instead. I suggest updating to mimoLive if you’re still using BoinxTV. However, both versions have a setting to delay audio to make up for that Firewire delay.