List of Video Input devices for BoinxTV

Greetings - I have been looking at the list of Video Input devices which will function with BoinxTV and notice that the list does not include several devices I may be interested in using.
Can anyone tell me if they have had luck capturing video via HDMI using the Black Magic Design Intensity Extreme or Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt.
My desire is to connect three sources: One USB webcam, one Firewire and one laptop (input via the HDMI input on the Intensity) to my MacBook Pro and use BoinxTV as a basic switcher and recording system for conferences. Does anyone have ANY experience using these Black Magic Design products with BoinxTV?

We don’t have first hand experience but heard from customers that they successfully used both of these devices.

Thank you. Well, hopefully you’ll have another customer who says they have used them with success soon… I will report back (though it may be up to 6 weeks from now).

I have been trialing BonixTV with a BM Intensity Exteme and it has been successful so far. Out set-up is a little complex right now, so there has been some stability issues–but it may not be related directly to the BM Inten. Extreme device. We are using an iMac.