List of Camcorders with Real-Time HDMI Output

Does anyone know of a good list of HD Camcorders which have the ability to output the camera’s signal via HDMI in real-time? I’m talking about the ability to send HDMI out directly from the camera, without having to record and then play back the material… basically “what HD Camcorders can be used as real-time input for BionxTV”. I know there are many cameras which offer this feature, and many that do not. Does anyone know of a list of cameras that are recommended for this particular feature?

Don’t know of a definitive list, but:

Panasonic HDC-SD700: this is about as good as it gets for a consumer camcorder. But don’t forget your remote control, because it sends the status icons out the hdmi port. The “ext display” button on the remote toggles through the options, including switching them off.

Don’t know for certain if the other cameras in the range do the same. The instruction manuals contain identical information as far as it goes, and Panasonic won’t give an answer, simply stating “these cameras are not designed for that purpose”.

Sony HDR-XR155: also works well.

In both cases, you need to switch off the “demo mode” in order to stop them sending that down the hdmi cable as well.