Lightroom v5 not available


I’m very new to FotoMagico. I have 3 different versions of Lightroom (v3, v4, and now v5), as well as Aperture and iPhoto. When I launch FotoMagico, I see Lightroom contents, but only versions 3 and 4, not version 5, which is what I’m currently using. How can I remove v3 & v4, and get v5 to be available to me?


Currently (FotoMagico 4.3) don’t have support for the Lightroom 5 library format. We are working on it.

Any update on Lightroom 5 compatibility?

@ScousePete: Lightroom 5 support will be in the next update. Unfortunately we don’t have a release date yet.

Any chance that registered customers will get informed by email as soon as the update will be available? All my photos are in Lr 5…

@Peter Unfortunately we don’t have an email notification service. But the app itself checks regularly for new updates if you didn’t switched it off in the “FotoMagico Preferences > Software Update”. If you bought FotoMagico in the Mac App Store you will get notified about updates within the Mac App Store app on your machine.

Add me to the list of needing Lightroom 5 integration working. For me, it’s a show stopper. Hope to hear of an update soon.

Is this update available yet…I upgraded to LR5 and now cannot use FM

Lightroom 5 will be supported in FotoMagico 4.4. Hopefully we are releasing a public beta this week.

That will be great. Will you announce the beta here?

Please download the beta version from here and give us feedback on any issue you see!

Dowloaded the beta, the library collections show, but when i try to move an image to the slideshow i get the following error.

I’m not sure why, no other apps have issues.

@Cyngen: We have a dedicated beta download page now, so please download the current beta version 4.4b4 from here and do your tests again. Sorry for this trouble!

(I changed my previous post with this link too, so that other users don’t download this old beta)

Same results, i will dig into it a bit deeper on my end. I get the access denied going from Lightroom 5 or direct from a directory.

I posted a report from the beta with my system config.

Is this image file located inside the Lightroom folder or is this an external reference? Where is the image file located?

I use 4.4b6 and can import LR5 fotos if they are unedited. If i made adjustments in the develop module in LR5 i see i question Mark in the foto browser in FM with a red exclamation mark instead of the image thumbnail. Clicking it shows following error box:

By the way: is it possible to use the beta for more than 5 days? (I bought FM4 from the app store and requested a temporary license for the beta which told me to expire in 5 days)

@ScousePete: Lightroom 5 support will be in the next update. Unfortunately we don't have a release date yet.
I've just updated to 4.4 and my LR5 library still doesn't show up