Lightroom and Fotomagico don't mix

I’m using Fotomagico 5.6.3 and Lightroom 6.14. The images from Lightroom folders and collections appear in the Fotomagico Image browser, but cannot be placed in Fotomagico’s storyboeard. The error message is “Cannot add media file.” This used to be easy in older versions. The only workaround is to export the images from Lightroom and work from there. Any help?

I just reached out to Technical Support to report the same :frowning:
I also requested to be able to use Lightroom’s “Smart Collections” as they don’t appear at all!

Has there been any answer to this question? I am having the same problem with Fotomagico 5.6.5.

Same problem and waiting for a response from Boinx----

Back in February, I was advised that there were issues with Lightroom and to go back to version 5.6.2. I thought that the April updates would have fixed the problems but they have not as I cannot “add media from Lightroom”.

Just to confirm, I’m also still having the issue of not being able to drag the images straight from my Lightroom Catalog Folders onto the Storyboard / Timeline. :-1:
Not sure thought whether that is because I’m shooting in Raw (CR3 at the moment).

I’m also still not able to see my Smart Collections which is what I use to organize my images before using them in apps like FotoMagico.:-1:

Hope this can be fixed soon!
If not, please provide us with a rough timeline on when we can expect this to be fixed as this will enhance my (and other’s) workflow!


@rvaneerd, @Kennedda @Jake @llevine @Christophe

Thank you for using FotoMagico. I’m sorry about the issues with Lightroom.

There is a known issue with access rights on the Lightroom database which is only accessible if Lightroom is running. Can you please check if that fixes your problems and get back to me if it doesn’t?


I already checked that and having Lightroom Up-and-Running makes no difference.


I am having the same problem.. can anyone provide solution

Any progress here? I eventually went back to a much older version to get it working (5.5.3). My previous version 5.6.4 nor the latest version 5.6.6 did not work.