Lifetime for MimoCall links


Is there a set duration for the lifetime of a mimocall link? My understanding was that the links created are good until the regenerate button is clicked even when a document is saved and reopened. Is this the case?

@Wudjau mimoCall links stay active if they are used. If they are not used they expire after a certain period, I think 30 days after last use. I will check with engineering.

Hi Wudjau, thanks for reaching out to us.

I can confirm that channels which are unused become inaccessible after 90 days of inactivity. After that, channel IDs may potentially be re-assigned which can cause error messages in mimoLive (for example if you open a very old mimoLive document).

Please let us know if this solved your question or if this behaviour poses a problem to your workflow with mimoCall. I am also writing a FAQ entry for Boinx Connect right now that explains this circumstance.

Best, Stefan.