Licensing Tiers

I’ve just purchased and installed a 3 year license for the mimoLive Home/Education tier. After doing so the video switcher layer had vanished as a choice. I looked through the differences on your site and emails and, aside from support variances, the only difference between the Home/Education tier and the Commercial tier is both key and fill can play out to SDI. There is no mention of the absence of layers. I know your BoinxTV Home product does not include the Video Switcher layer, but your site indicates BoinxTV 2 is now mimoLive, with no reference to any tier being an update to the BoinxTV Home product.

I trashed the application and re-downloaded the latest mimoLive, but still no Video Switcher layer option existed. I do hope this is some sort of beta issue that can be rectified quickly and not an intended difference in the tier features. Please advise ASAP.

Hello, I have a similar problem. After activation of the private license several layers have been deleted in my BoinxTV template. It looks like the private license supports only a certain number of layers. Boinx: Please describe in detail the differences between the licenses. This prevents possible misunderstandings.

This Home/Education restriction isn’t by intention and will be removed in the next beta. In the meantime you should be able to run mimoLive with your beta-tester license.

@Panxatony: As fare as we know it effects the Video Switcher layer only, if you miss different layers, please report them. Do you use an old BoinxTV template in mimoLive?

That is quite a relief. Thank you!

Template was created with BoinxTV (1) and opened with mimoLive. Yes there are Video Switcher layer only affected.