licensing fees

i really hate to have to always have to pay licensing fees every year or when it upgrades to use i stop motion.
i bought it for my son at apple and now we are held hostage when he wants to use it. im considering dropping it and finding another program.

Even Apple charges for major updates, and do you think we dont have to feed our families? We cant just work over years for free, can you?

By the way: If we release a new major update that is not free, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your software anymore. There will just be no new updates, but as long as your version of OSX (and some other technical aspects which are out of our control), you can continue using the product.
When you say you are “held hostage”, do you have any specific issue with iStopMotion that we can assist with?

Hey eve23,
thanks for joining the forums! As Rudi is a (fairly) new member of the Boinx team, I’d like to point out one more thing.

You say you picked up iStopMotion at Apple and had to pay for an upgrade before. This probably means you purchased iStopMotion 1.x and had to update to version 2.0. iStopMotion 1.0 was released in 2003 and yes, we did ask for a paid update in 2007, 4 years later.

iStopMotion 1 did originally cost US$39.95 while version 2 (Home, which still has more features than 1.x) is now US$49. The update fee from 1.x to version 2.x was US$10.

We put a lot of effort and passion into iStopMotion and continue to do so and we really hope that it will always be the best tool for creating stop-motion animations and timelapse videos! And we try very hard to make sure it’s worth the money we ask for it.

We’d be happy if you share the movies you and your son have come up with through the years. That’s what inspires us and other users of this forum!

I sympathise with eve23, though I understand the company position too. I wonder if upgrades couldn’t be cheaper for early supporters or for those who hold more than one license? After all, every company needs its early adopters or it wouldn’t get off the ground!

Just got my istopMotion in the mail. Trying to install but can’t find licencse
code. Instructions say it’s in the manual but can’t find anything.

Where did you buy it? Is it a yellow box? I believe it should be on the back side of the small booklet that came in the box.

bought online. nothing on back says license key.

Hi tailman,
you bought it online through Kagi? In that case you should have received an email from “Kagi (sm)” with subject “Thanks for your purchase”. This email contains your license key plus instructions how to download the software and install the license.