Leica M (typ 240) with multifunction grip


I tried working with the Leica M with multifunction grip, which provides the USB connection. When trying to get a preview shot it comes up with a message saying “Could not take picture. Possible the autofocus does not work properly.” The camera does not have AF so that can not be the issue.

Any idea how to solve this?

Many thanks,

Sometimes the file format your are shooting in is the problem. Please check if you are shooting in JPEG. Also make sure that you don’t shoot in high resolution, but in low resolution. Your iStopMotion project may not need all the pixels, but will take a long time to download the images via USB.

However, you can also test if your system is able to capture an image via USB by Apples “Image Capture” app. iStopMotion is using the very same system calls to trigger the camera as this app does. If it works here, it should work in iStopMotion too.

Which version of Mac OS X and iStopMotion are you using? Does the Image Capture app work for you?

Hi Achim,

Tried Image Capture and the lowest JPG setting available (1.7 Mpix).

It sometimes worked using image capture. Sometimes I got the error com.apple.imagecapturecore error -9944 when loading the files on the SD card into the preview window of Image capture.

One time even iStopmotion triggered the camera but still gave the error “Could not take picture. Possible the autofocus does not work properly.”

I’m using the latest versions of both Mac OS X as well as iStopmotion (trial).


Sometimes its really just the autofocus that causes to stop the capture process. If the camera can’t focus it won’t capture an image. Did you try to set the focus manually, so that the camera can’t fail here?

Achim, this is a manual focus camera :wink:

Searching the web for the error description you can find multiple reports that MacOS X has problems with the Leica models. Maybe Apple isn’t talking correctly to the camera or the camera don’t understand the commands sent by the MacOS-X. Unfortunately we don’t own a Leica M (as you may guessed from my naive post about the auto focus :slight_smile: ) and can’t really test it.

I talked to our Leica connection and they think it may be a problem of not using an SD card or the SD card is somewhat full, so that the Image Capture system by Apple is struggling. Can you please try it with an empty SD card installed? Does this make a difference?