Latest Doctor Who film using iStop motion

We posted a couple of Doctor Who stop motion films here on the forum back in October ( We’d just discovered iStop motion as a brilliant tool to make the films with. Well we’ve just finished the Doctor Who Christmas special using iStop Motion, iMovie, and Audacity for the voice overs and sound effects.

iStop Motion meant that we could pull off some brilliant special effects such as the Doctor being released from his bounds here (scroll down this page to see the film):

and the Masters’ destruction scene here:

Lots of other cool stuff in iStop Motion too. To speed up certain repetitive actions, the copy and paste function combined with the ‘reverse order’ tool is really useful. And we’ve begun to use markers for complex scenes.

Please do check out the full film on YouTube here. We’d love to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy it!

Steven (Dad), Alex (13), and William (7) Buckley