Kramer Tools

Hello, I have a Kramer Tools VS-8FW ( that I used on another platform to be able to have multi cameras, but apparently MimoLive is not compatible with this complement or is there any wood that can use this component?

Thank you.

@“Victor Peralta Quito” The Kramer VS-8FW is a FireWire hub and should not interfere with macOS. Can you please let me know what macOS version you are currently using?

Also, please check if you find a file called “QuickTimeFireWireDV.component” in the folder /System/Library/QuickTime

@“Oliver (Boinx)” Hello, thanks for the answer. I have tried sometimes to tie the Kramer component with MimoLive but I have not succeeded; at the moment I am with the iOS version 10.13.6 and I have found that if I have the component “QuickTimeFireWireDV.component”.

I do not know why MimoLive does not recognize the component if it was previously used with Wirecast without any problem.

Thank you.