Kick Bass Effect?

Got this idea watching 2010 opening ceremonies in Vancouver. There was an image on the floor and drums were beating. With every beat, the image would vibrate slightly giving the effect it was being affected by the drum. I’m wondering if the same thing can be done in Fotomagico. I’d like to play a music track and have an image vibrate with every beat of the kick bass…about 2 beats per second. I doesn’t seem there’s an easy way of doing this…you’d be looking at zooming +5%, -4%, +3%, -2%, +1% and back to 0, all within a fraction of a second. Anybody ever tried this?

I don’t think this is possible.

Most of our slide presentations are from our trips and there’s usually no reason to do that kind of zooming or image changing that occurs that rapidly…


I have tried to do some really FAST image changes that take place within a short period of time – say 3 or 4 images within a second – and it just doesn’t work.

I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with the “load time” for the image to get cached into memory, and then displayed. FotoMagico doesn’t seem to be able to handle that very well.

I made a movie once when I was at UCLA, using Super 8 film at 24 FPS, and the frames were timed to an audio track. Using a camera that COULD shoot just ONE frame per second, I was able to capture a single image for each frame, thus changing the image at a VERY RAPID rate. If I took 3 frames for a single image, I could play back 8 images per second – extremely fast, obviously, but that was the effect I was looking for – brain-numbing for the audience, but in time with the audio. (I got an “A” in that class, BTW!!).

I do wish FM could handle zooms and image swaps that fast.

Thanks. I didn’t honestly think it was possible with FM but thought I’d ask. It appears I might have to try what I’m looking for in Apple Motion…didn’t really want to have to purchase more software…but such is life I suppose :wink: