Keynote / PowerPoint in mimoLive Stream

This is likely in the docs, but what is the best approach to cutting back and forth into to a Keynote during a live stream?

  1. Run your Keynote in the background
  2. Import the Keynote source as a “Window Capture” source
  3. Add the source to your layer stack
  4. Turn it on and off as needed

You’ll need to switch to the Keynote window to advance the slides, or use and iPhone or iPad as a “Keynote Remote”, which would allow you to keep MimoLive frontmost.

Like with YouTube videos I found that using Keynote/PowerPoint on a second computer and grabbing the HDMI output works best. I recommend the Magewell Pro Convert for that if you want to capture a presentation someone is doing live.

This 2nd machine strategy is our approach, too. Sometimes we use three laptops … as follow

  • Laptop up on the podium for the presenter with Keynote running (this gives them a visual of what is up on the screen without having to turn to look at the screen)

  • Laptop HDMI --> ethernet extender at projector --> to 2nd HDMI extender that goes to the Mimolive production station. (Our HDMI extenders have an input and a loop out so they function as splitters - that’s how we drive the projector and the second extender simultaneously)

  • MimoLive production station (the second HDMI goes into a Magewell which plugs into USB)

  • The third laptop is at the MimoLive production station and uses Apple Remote Desktop to control the podium laptop. That way we can change presentations and/or take control if the presenter needs help. (we often produce scientific meetings with a new presenter every 10-15 minutes.)

$49 OREI 164-Feet HDMI 1080p Extender Over Single CAT5/CAT6, Loop Out Option, with IR

The Magewell is an excellent capture device … you can use less expensive HDMI -> USB frame grabbers. For static and animated screens you will be fine with just about anything, however, if there is embedded video or audio make sure you do a test run with the less expensive hardware first.

Dean, Thanks for sharing!