Hi guys,
first, congratulation for your great job. I really loved the trial of Boinxtv

What I’d like to know is if you are planning to add some features that will really improve the program:

  1. Native web streaming, instead to pass throughout CamTwist and third part’s software.
  2. HTML page integration, as a source. I really can not use Camtwist to catch a webpage on Safari and reuse to stream it
  3. This is the most important. If you have a solution for that… you can also forget the previous questions :slight_smile: Can I dream to use the output of Boinx keying with Fill and Key? We have many Blackmagic Cards, like 3D Extreme, and I love the idea to use the Quartz composition that I created, and I tried to use in Boinx with great result, sending only the graphics animated to external Mixer (National broadcast require this method). I know that RenewedVision ProPresenter is doing it, but I really don’t like this software, and it seems not to work very well. I can switch to flash but I don’t know flash so well as i do quartz (and I didn’t find software for Mac doing it, i need to virtualize windows in my 8 core mac pro… terrible!!!). Please, please, please, tell me that one day i will be able to have this feature… (in the worst case, if the answer is no… can you suggest something?)

Thank you very much!

  1. We are working on that but it proves to be way more complicated than it seems in order to do it right.
  2. You know BoinxTV comes with screen sources, that allow you to capture any part of the screen you like?
  3. I don’t see fill and key signal coming in the future to be really honest. I cant point you to other mac software that does this either, sorry.