Keyboard shortcuts not working

I wanted to use keyboard shortcuts in BoinxTV Home to make it easier to use but it does not work. Whenever I try to interact over my keyboard and type in the shortcut I before set up I get this sound which tells me: No, you’re not allowed to do this or at least this “no, you can’t do this”-sound.

Is there any clue that a particular system option can interfere with shortcuts in BoinxTV? Or is there any app or tool known which perhaps can interfere with this? For example we’re using Quicksilver or Totalfinder both of which provide shortcuts for the system. Maybe one of these happens to interfere with the shortcuts of BoinxTV.

Kind regards,


there is a bug in the current version of BoinxTV Home in the appstore. Please contact so we can equip you with a non-appstore home version until this is fixed.

Could you send me one too - I have mailed separately and posted at the top of comments - exactly the same problem. Looks like this has not been fixed in six months?