Keyboard shortcut for Masking or Copy Paste geometry?

Hi Guys,

I’m new to Fotomagico. I’m running 4.5.3 on a MacPro late 2013, running Yosemite 10.10.1.

I was wondering if there were, or we there plans to introduce keyboard shortcuts for the above techniques? Masking and Copy Paste Geometry.


Adding Keyboard Shortcuts is something you can do right in OS X. Thats why we decided to only create a base set for basic functionality.
Follow these Steps to add your own Shortcuts:

This is for example how my custom FotoMagico shortcuts look like:

Make sure you type the Menu commands 1:1. The Assigned Keyboard Shortcuts will then also appear in the FotoMagico Menu

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t program a shortcut in any way and then give the user the option to customise it? In the current software, you are putting the responsibility on to the end user to create the shortcuts themselves. I had to search out the support forum, then ask a question, wait for a reply, then go and program the shortcuts. I am reasonably tech savvy - I can use Photoshop, Final Cut, Aperture etc… And it took me 30 minutes to follow the instructions. (They were not clear as they do not allow single key strokes as shortcuts - they only allow “Command” plus a key). I almost gave up trying to get it to work. It’s now working, but I just wonder how many customers would not have bothered searching up the forum, and adding the shortcuts. I really think this is something that should come as standard. The best softwares are all extremely heavy on keyboard shortcuts.

It doesn’t look like you are explicitly “tech savvy”. If you are REALLY used to Photoshop, FCP etc. Fotomagico should really not be a problem for you… I can imagine if Boinx built in pre-defined hotkeys, users would complain that they are the wrong ones.
“The best softwares are all extremely heavy on keyboard shortcuts.” That’s just like, your opinion, man… What about not so experienced users? Fotomagico is primarily used by photographers etc., and famous in that space. So please stop complaining about what really isn’t an issue at all. Thanks.

What an idiotic response. I’m really sorry if my suggestion ruined your day. You could view my comments as complaining, or Boinx could use it as some insight into a customer’s opinion - and there is great potential in that. When I say “reasonably tech savvy,” I meant I’m not a beginner to technology - This is extremely relevant to my point. If you have people who can make videos and edit photos, and they take half an hour to go looking for how to program shortcuts, then that is a black mark against the software. If you want software to be fast, you have to take shortcuts with the keyboard. That’s why a guy on photoshop who knows all the keyboard shortcuts is twice as fast as the guy that uses the mouse. In terms of “not so experienced users” - They can just use the mouse. The keyboard shortcut should come as an option (like it does in all the mass market photo-editing and video editing softwares). And your point about people complaining about keyboard shortcuts not being the right ones is simply retarded. Make them EDITABLE. Keep them or swap them up. Just don’t put the emphasis back onto the people that are paying 100 bucks to buy your stuff. I’ll tell you what Fotomagico want more than anything. They don’t want to be used by one small demographic, like photgraphers - They want to break out into the wider market. And ship millions upon millions of licences. To do that, they need to have something that is pure class. Keyboard shortcuts would be a step in the right direction. Can you please think your reply through before clicking send? Thanks.