Keep copies of frames on camera card

I’d like to know if it is possible to configure Istopmotion so that when you take a picture through the software the picture is not only recorded in istepmotion but also on the camera memory card. The idea is just to have a backup of all the frames in full resolution in case of…
I’m using a Canon 7d

Unfortunately it seems that Canon isn’t supporting the storage of remotely captured images on the camera memory card. However you can test this by yourself:

  • Open the iStopMotion Preferences while holding down the “alt” key. You will get an additional “Debug” panel in the Preference window on the right.
  • There you will find the option “Remove files from still camera after capturing”, uncheck it.
  • Restart iStopMotion
  • Capture some image with your still camera in iStopMotion
  • Important: Disconnect the camera from the computer, switch it off and on again and check if the images are stored on the cameras memory card.

If you don’t succeed please switch this option back on because it may have unwanted side effects which weren’t covered by our QA.