Jesus christ comments keep crashing!

Guys comments crashing is really beginning to be a pain. I cannot get the social media source to bring the comments in either … AH MEAN…I DO NOT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO BUT START A NEW LIVE STREAM FOR THE SAME THING TO HAPPEN AGAIN… LORD HAVE MERCY

Also the view count stops working… Can the comments, likes & view count etc get a reset button?

Hi, I’m sorry for the troubles. Facebook has varying degrees of reliability. We’re working to adapt to their recent changes as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear what exactly changed to cause this and also that it will not change again, so it takes more time than we would like. Thanks for your patience.

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On the YouTube front, it seems like the live comments issue is more widespread. A lot of people in my audience have been complaining about comments that don’t get posted unless they try 2 or 3 times. I also speculated with @Achim_Boinx that YouTube might be changing the endpoint for comments when the “Go Live” button is clicked, since comments usually reach mimoLive’s comments window when data starts being sent to YouTube’s servers but come to a halt when the stream goes live. The workaround has been to create a standalone social media source and refresh the “Live Chat” option as soon as the livestream starts. Hope this helps, even if it’s just to reduce anxiety! :slightly_smiling_face:

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In our yesterday 1,5hr show we have FB comments stable. I have 2 social media sources (YT and FB) for one Comment Layer. I create the FB source after i start the show (direct in the fb enviroment not over mimo) mimo will find the show on the site and then i never touch anything (sometimes it takes several minutes before the comments showing). On the YT side i have in the first 10 minutes make a 2 or 3 reloads before the comments automaticly showing. It seems that answer comments in fb not showing in the comments feed in mimo (it means if a user took the answer to another user comment button).