Jerky zooming

Has anyone else noticed that when zooming in on an image in Fotomagico it is slightly jerky.
I have created a musical slideshow and on the images I have set to zoom they jump or jerk slightly.
I have resized, altered all setting etc but it still does it.
HOWEVER, when I play this exact same file using the Fotomagico 3.8 version which I kept just in case of problems with the new 4 version (all up to date) it does NOT happen - it is PERFECTLY SMOOTH.
One would have expected the newer version to be better than the older version but not so.
I have created over 30 musical slideshows so I am not a novice - I know about load time for the next image etc.and it DOESN"T OCCUR USING THE 3.8 VERSION!!.

I have also noticed that if I have iTunes open having been listening to music while I work, when I stop the iTunes playing but it is still open, there is interference with the music when playing back the musical slideshow.
At first I thought my music had problems but when I played the slideshow back with iTunes closed/quit there was no interference.

So two things I would appreciate answers to either from members or the Boinx team.

Thank you for sharing your observations. Indeed FotoMagico 4 is a mayor update which includes a rewrite of large parts in the application because of the new features available in FotoMagico 4 (e.g. multiple slides in one slot and more to come :wink: ). To get independent from all that big changes please try to create a standalone Slideshow Player in order to see if the image zooms are still jerky when playing back the show with this light weight application. If so, we have a problem in the rendering engine, if not the performance bottle neck lays in the complex editor code.

I always use the Stand Alone player and the jerking using the export from v4 does jerk using that but NOT if I created a Stand Alone using the same file with v3.8.

However, I have worked on it and found that, unlike in v3.8, the timing for the start and stop of the zooming is more critical. I found that if I moved the start of the animation for zooming further along, giving more time for the loading of the image and reduced the transition time it seems to make the zooming smoother. Sometimes I needed to move the ending zoom time too to avoid a stop jerk. It didn’t seem necessary with panning - it seems to effect zooming most. These adjustments are not necessary with the 3.8v.
I have now managed an AV which is smooth all through but will continue to use 3.8 for exporting at the moment as it is much easier and does not need so much critical animation adjusting.
As yet I am not using all the overlays and inset videos etc - not my style - so I can still use the 3.8v.
It also means that I can still show on my laptop which does not have Mountain Lion installed yet so I have to export the Stand Alone with the 3.8v to show them. It will not show a Stand Alone which has been exported using the v4 even though it is not using anything different to the 3.8.

One more thing which I have started to do which may be of interest.
I usually make my images a max of 1600 pixels horizotal and a max 1200 pixels vertical if I am going to use a zoom in. This keeps a better quality of image at the end of the zooming in. All other images are now reduced in pixel size so that they do not need so much load time. This is depedent on the AV and how much time I have.
Hope this helps.