It seems like my Aperture or/and my Lightroom Libaries won't be loaded by FotoMagico. I only see the

     <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>It seems like my Aperture or/and my Lightroom Libaries won't be loaded by FotoMagico. I only see the iPhoto Library and the Mac OS X default Picture folder in the iMediaBrowser  </strong>
        <p>FotoMagico doesn't load your Aperture and Lightroom Library on default. Click on </p>
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I have the same problem with Lightroom. The preferences were set properly as above (and then restarted), and even moved the Lightroom library to the Pictures folder rather than in a subfolder. However I continue to receive the “Library is missing” notice.

@hsweet Do you see any messages concerning “FotoMagico” and “Lightroom” in the console log? (To view the console log, please open the Console application by Apple)

I commented earlier today–same issue with 3.8.8 runing under Lion. I also have FotoMagico 4.0.3 on my iMac and it works perfectly. I don’t see the earlier comment.

My Aperture library loads just fine. Unfortunately, none of my Lightroom catalogs are found. I do not keep them in username/pictures, but in a folder at root level. Shouldn’t there be a way to find catalogs that are not stored in the standard place?

@CraigL303: FotoMagico is looking for the preferences of Lightroom in order to find the library currently setup with it. To access files at root level is not allowed for a sandboxed application and therefore we recommend to store the image data in the user space.

I’m running Mac OS 10.6.8, Lightroom 4 and Fotomagic 3.8.8. I only recently upgraded to LR 4. Last time I opened FM it appropriately recognized my LR3 Library. Now, even tho I’m on LR 4, it still only recognized my LR 3 library. I went in and trashed any files, libraries, backups related to LR 3, restarted FM, and now it does not recognize any LR library. ANy ideas? Thanks.

Hello All, After I upgraded to LR5, all images previously downloaded from LR4 to Fotomagico are now said to be missing (blank thumbnails with the file number still show), and none of the images that I imported into LR5 after the upgrade show at all in Fotomagico. Similarly, the slides shows that I created (before the upgrade to LR5) in Fotomagico are all gone. Can you help?

@Vincent: I guess you created or edited your slideshows with FotoMagico 4.2? There was a bug in this version which causes the lost the media files in the project as well as the links to the original files. We were able to fix the bug in 4.3 but unfortunately the document structure of the FotoMagico slideshows are corrupted and can’t be repaired automatically. You have to put in the slides again in order to fix your damaged shows (click on the yellow triangle to select the image again). Please apologize for this inconvenience!

What did you mean by “the slides shows that I created […] in Fotomagico are all gone”?

Many thanks - I indeed have Fotomagico 4.2.1. I underdtand your answer as far as the slide show is concerned (it simply no longer shows in Fotomagico). But how about the access to my LR library? How can I restore access again? Thnaks for your help - much appreciated:)

@Vincent: It is very important to update to FotoMagico 4.3.1! Version 4.2 has a major bug that will corrupt your project files!

Unfortunately LightRoom 5 isn’t supported yet. Please export the needed images from LightRomm to your desktop and import them into FotoMagico by dragging the images to the storyboard.

Did that and it works - thanks. The issue now is that Fotomagico no longer access iTunes, and I can’t apply any music to my slides shows. Any tip on how to resolve this? All these bugs are quite frustrating…

@Vincent: Is the iTunes library in FotoMagico just empty? How do you try to add music to your slideshow? Please, can you run SandboxCleaner ( ) to make sure that there aren’t bogus QuickTime Components installed on your machine?

Hi, I am working with LR4.4 and Fotomagico 4.4.4. In the libraries the LG libraries are shown, but some of the images are “empty”. Only a light grey field with question mark and the image file name is shown. Opening the pull down menu by clicking the read circle, I get the info, “File xxx can not be used, perhaps deleted, moved to other place,…”, but if I have a look in LR everything is fine!?

@robbelli: Because of the sandboxing feature build into OS X our app isn’t allowed anymore to look into every corner of your harddisk. Once you have given access to the LightRoom library file we are able to read-in the file paths to the images, but this don’t mean that we also have access to them. I am pretty sure that your LightRoom library is ok but FotoMagico wasn’t able to access the image file for those images. If you start the “Console” app by Apple you may see some “sandboxd: FotoMagico deny file-read-data”-messages. Con you confirm this?

hi, i too have no access to my aperture library, but do see it as the iphoto lib.
sandboxing didnt find anything wrong, but in the console i get “FotoMagico deny file-read-data”-messages.
any help? thanks
use fm 4.3 and 4.4beta, aperture 3.x

You should be able to grant access to FotoMagico for those folders by dragging & dropping the folder containing your Lightroom library from the Finder into the image folder browser window of FotoMagico. I recommend to restart FotoMagico after this operation. Does this work for you?

dragging from finder the aperture library into image browser window of fm doesn’t help… well, as long as the iphoto lib shows me exactly the aperture content :wink:

@roland: Are the “FotoMagico deny file-read-data” messages in the console app gone? This would proof that you managed to give FotoMagico the access to the right files. If so, there must be a different problem with your Aperture library. You can also drag your users folder into the image browser of FotoMagico to grant access to all your files and folders.

you might be right … weired problem. dragging my personal folder into viewer didnt help. 2nd screenshot is the content of my user picture folder. when dragging aperture library (or folder above) into fm, i see the folder content as it is in my user folder but no aperture albums ect.
so i do have acces to the pictures but not to the events, albums ect of aperture. and the aperture library in fm shows a different library which is not the actual aperture library at the moment.