iStopMotion (v 3.8b2) crashes with iPhone 6 as video source

The situation:

  • I’m using my iPhone 6 as a video source (running iStopCamera v 3.0)
  • I’m using my MacBook Pro (OS 10.11.4) running iStopMotion v 3.8b2)
  • Both my iPhone and MacBook are both connected to my home wifi
  • I attempt to record a simple video
  • iStopMotion crashes after a seemingly arbitrary number of recorded frames

What I’ve done to troubleshoot:

  • Quit both programs
  • Restart my MacBook Pro
  • Tweak the preset and framerate settings in iStopMotion
  • Reset my wireless router
  • Install and run SandboxCleaner

Absolutely nothing is working! I’m very disappointed. A cursory google search turns up a number of complaints regarding crash issues with no obvious solution. This issue is making it simply impossible to use iStopMotion.

Is there a workaround for this problem? Are others encountering it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

i can’t even find my iphone6 source!!!

You are not alone! iPhone remote, iPad remote, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini all combinations with the desktop Version – adhoc network etc. nothing helps. BOINX should fix this SOON!

This is terrible! I’ve submitted tickets asking for a solution or a refund and have not heard back. Has anyone asked for or received a refund yet because of this issue? This product is not delivering the services advertised and is definitely not what it purports to be and not what I agreed to purchase.

Bump. Is there an admin out there in the ether that can get back to me or respond to the multiple tickets I submitted on 4/16/16 and 4/17/16 regarding this issue?

At this point, I am requesting a refund on this purchase. This software is unusable as it is, and again, it is not what it purports to be and not what I agreed to purchase. Simply, it is failing to deliver on the services promised. I hope we can resolve this soon, as I do not wish to escalate this issue further by filing a chargeback with my credit card company.

So do I. I will block the paypal transaction if we can not get a fix in the next three days!


Hello, is there an admin out there who can help? If I don’t hear back from someone about this issue by 16 May 2016 (one month since I submitted my help request), I will file a chargeback with my credit card company.

Please contact me regarding a refund as soon as you can. This is simply terrible customer service. I suppose I can attempt to contact someone at your company through your Facebook page.

Same experience with an iPhone 6s – very disappointing.