iStopMotion Transfer


I have been using iStopMotion 2 Home for nearly a year now and I got a new computer a week ago. I’m currently transferring my files across from my old computer, but I still need to transfer iStopMotion.

I was wondering if there was any way for me to cancel the licence key on the first computer and use the same key on this new computer.


Yes, you can remove the licenses key on the old computer as follows: Start iStopMotion, open the Licenses Manager with the “Licenses…” menu item of the “iStopMotion” menu. You will get a window telling you that iStopMotion is licensed. At the bottom there is a little triangle next to the “Installed Licenses Keys” text. Click on the triangle to open a list of installed licenses. Select the one you want to remove (usually there is only one) and click the “-” button at the bottom of the list.

Hey, I’ve got the same problem but I sold the computer and erase everything which was on it.
Didn’t though I had to do a special manipulation to change the Licence.
How can I deal with it now ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

@gregfromparis: If you had erased everything from your computer before your sold it, thats kind of deinstalling the licenses anyways :wink: Just go ahead and install your license on your new computer. If you bought iStopMotion via the Mac App Store you can just download the application again with the App Store application. Otherwise download the app from our web server here: and install your licenses key. If you lost your license key you can fill out the “Lost Your Licenses?” form on this site to get it back again: