Istopmotion remote camera

Can anyone help me as this is driving me crazy !

I bought istopmotion for my ipad 2 and got the remote camera for my iPhone 4 ,i cannot for the life of me get the app to recognise the remote camera!!! Both apps are running on btwifi.

It just says ‘remote camera’ in the list of camera’s! The only way I have got it to register the remote camera is to join my devices using my personal hotspot. This is fine except as soon as my ipad joins this my phone loses the wifi signal. When I reconnect to my wifi it then tells me that to do so would effect the other devices sharing! So as soon as I’m back on wifi on my phone the remote camera is no longer visible on the ipad application!! Driving me nuts!! I have also noticed that another irrelevant application that runs between the two devices is also having the same issue (not connecting with each other) I get around that one with blue tooth. Is it my wifi ?? Any ideas would be a great help .I really am not the best technology wise and am pulling my hair out !!

Which vendor and model is your WiFi hardware?

It’s bt home hub , that’s all I know …