iStopMotion iPad2, iPhone 3GS as remote Camera

i just did a support call, because i tried to use a iPhone 3GS as remote Camera for the iPad 2. The connection is stable, all settings can be applied, but the ipad is upscaling the shots from the iphone, so i cannot use the Onion Skinning together with the live picture from the iPhone. This only happens to me on the iPad. iStopMotion 3 on the Macbook 13" has not this issue. iStopCamera is listed in the appstore, but under this circumstances not really useful. Onion Skinning is very very helpful for stop motion movies.
So please make a bugfix to avoid upscaling to HD to use this great app also together with an iPhone 3GS!
From the support i got a very fast reply to this issue, but i was a little bit shocked about the answer. They recommend the iPhone 4 or better to use this software, so why is iStopCamera then available for the 3GS…


Thank you for your bug report. We are going to take a look whats wrong.