iStopMotion iPad crashing on startup


On my iPad, iStopMotion isn’t starting up. It gets to the orange opening screen which remains blank and then after a minute or so it crashes and the iPad goes back to the home screen.

I am running iOS 11.1.1 and it is a 32 GB system with over 10 GB available.

Can you suggest a fix?

Thanks for your help,

@mhollander Thank you for using iStopMotion and for reporting this issue. We are sorry you experience this. We are currently working on a fix. If you want, I can invite you to TestFlight to help test the new version.

Thank you for your response. I would like to test the new version when it is available. I believe you have my email already.


I have experienced the same problem and am in the middle of running demonstrations showcasing iStopMotion. Please let me know as soon as possible when you have a new version available for testing.

David Stein
Duke University

@dsteinmeister @mhollander Thanks for reporting and your patience. Can you please report back if the latest version on TestFlight fixes the problem? We are quite stumped by what could cause this and need your support to find out. I had the issue on my iPad Pro, but installing the new version and rebooting fixed it. But others are not reporting the same success. We’ll keep digging.


I have exactly the same problem on my iPad Air 2 running iOS 11.1.2 : it starts to the orange opening screen which remains blank and then it crashes and the iPad goes back to the home screen.
I am a teacher and i need this application for my formations.
Is there a new version available ?

Thank you,

@gusz I’m sorry that you experience this problem. We are working on it.

Can you tell me how many stop motion movies you have in the app?
Can you try to launch the app a couple of times (like 10) and let us know if the problem goes away? This seems like a strange request, but our current theory is that the OS can work through a part of the problem each time it has 20 seconds before it kills iStopMotion, eventually getting all of it done after several starts.

Your help will be very much appreciated.

@Oliver Thank your for your quick reply.
At time i have only about four movies in the app. I launched it more than ten times without notable difference. Sometimes the screen remains black…

@gusz Thanks for testing! I had the problem on my iPad, but during debugging it went away without an apparent cause. So now, we don’t have a device that shows this problem which makes it very hard to figure out. One user reported that completely deleting the app and reinstalling helped. However, this might delete your data, so it may not be an option for you. If it is, could you please try and report back?

@Oliver I tried this option : no change !

Hi there… Same issue here on my iPad Pro 10,5"… screen goes orange, sometimes black and then the app crashes to the dock… Tried deleting the app, re-installing it, clearing the URL and the app options (in case it had trouble with the app feed) etc, but to no avail!!!

Hello every one that has this annoying crashing bug! We recently had successfully fixed this on one device by logging out of iCloud and back in again. Please can you try this too and report your findings?

Background: Some data is stored in the keychain of the iPad. This is the only place where data will survive if you delete a app from your iPad. Thats why deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t solved the problem. Logging out and in the iCloud account will clean up things in the keychain. Hopefully the data that causes the crash too.

Thanks for your patience and support!


having the issue here on iPad Pro 10,5". No iCloud Account to sign out :neutral:
iStopMotion was pushed from an MDM-Server. iPads received the app, open them, but only a yellow screen is displayed and nothing more.

Any ideas how to solve that problem?

We may found the cause for the crash when launching iStopMotion iPad! Sorry for this long time!

We uploaded a release candidate to Apples testing platform TestFlight. If you still have this problem please contact me for an invitation to TestFlight or if you have already a test account with us just start TestFlight on your iPad so you can download and test the bug fix release of iStopMotion.

Because we can’t reproduce the issue in our labs we highly appreciate your feedback if this solves the issue!

Thanks for your patience and support!