I can not import istopmotion into iMovie for editing. It appears as though the formats are not compatible. I need help with specific instructions. I bought this program for my son to make stop motion video’s with his Lego’s. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!!!

Please use the export function in iStopMotion (menubar -> File -> Export or menubar -> File -> Send to iMovie) in order to get an “iMovie-compatible” file. The .mov file you get when you just save in iStopMotion has it’s own special format needed for assembling the stopmotion movie and should not be used in other applications due to technical reasons.
With the exported file you will be fine.

Hello Rudolf (Boinx)
i had the same problem as mimason with mine, but then when i did as you told him, it still would not work in imovie (even w/ the .mp4 file)
btw i have a mac (if that even makes a difference)