iStopMotion freezes temporary while saving

Hi people,

A few month ago, I upgraded our school Macs to iStopMotion 3.8 but did just check whether the app will start and do the main stuff. Now, our teacher for media wanted to work with this app, but it seems to freeze while saving. It’s actually does not freeze, but just doesn’t react while it is saving and die OS believes it hangs.

I found two suspicious log entries:

First one is kind of translation of a variable that is just incredible huge. I did not find much about this, but is it possible, that it is a mix-32/64-bit issue?

Second there are many many wakeups invoked by iStopMotion, about 300 per second is the usual behavior and there were no external devices connected or power saving settings activated.

Nevertheless, with “short” clips (a few seconds) everything seems fine. But with a two minute clip it seems to hang. The log entries appear with both clips.

I just upgraded to the last iStopMotion version. The behavior persists.

Any ideas?


Forgot some more information for the first mentioned log entry:

“conversion from double to float within NSPortCoder, but 1.7e+308 is out of range of float.”

What macOS you are running iStopMotion?

If you are saying “the OS believes it hangs” does this mean that the mouse cursor shows a spinning beach ball? If so, please make a “Process Sample” with the “Activity Viewer” app and send it to me so I can have a look where the app hangs.

As a possible workaround: Maybe you cut the iStopMotion project in half and export two shorter documents rather than a big one?

I had this problem last year with one of my students doing his stop motion project. I even worked with him on it. When it came time to save, it would look like its saving but then bomb out of the program and didn’t save. It did this with different computers, same camera, different camera, different SD memory cards and it just wouldn’t save. Very frustrating :frowning: Needless to say he never got to finish his project.