iStopmotion Crashing after inputing several images

I purchased my iStopmotion 3.8.2 a few years ago and it worked fine for the very few projects I used it for. But I now have started a new project and it again worked fine for my first short animation but today it suddenly started crashing after inputing several images. At first it crashed after just a few were put in but the second time, it took about 10 and the third time it didn’t crash until I had twenty-five in there. I noticed the image jumping around in the capture window so I wonder if this is a problem with my version or what? I can’t afford the time to keep trying and need to get this fixed. The last two times it crashed I sent the crash report as per the prompt so I’m hoping to hear from someone via that route at some point but MAN this is frustrating! I saw an old discussion about crash problems with Sierra back in 2016 but couldn’t find any about crash problems with Mojave. Any ideas out there? Anyone have similar problems? I need to get this project going again and I LOVE this interface so I don’t want to look for new software. Please HELP!!

This is also v ery frustrating for me . I purchased istopmotion, found out my EOSM50 not compatible, and haD TO SETTLE WITH AN IPAd. because I am still;l exploring so many things, it was ok. BUT it always crashes. and many times, I have already taken so many works, and then crashes. and they do not have auto save. so it was so frustrating., i feel like istopmotion is a waste of time and money.