iStopMotion crashes a lot in Sierra


I’m using iStopMotion 3.8.2 in macOS Sierra 10.12.2. It’s crashing a lot – every few frame captures.

Anyone else experiencing this?

FYI: I haven’t used iStopMotion in a while (1-2 years), but it didn’t have this problem before.


@JackieMac I’m sorry that you experience these problems. As you noted, this did not happen with older versions of macOS because the crash is likely caused by changes in macOS. To fix this, we will have first have to find out what is going wrong. Can you please send us the crash log of the recent crashes via email to

Hello Oliver, Thanks. I sent a number of them to (via Damien). I hope they help.

Thanks. We’re investigating.

It looks like using the iPhone Remote Camera app with iStopMotion is causing the crashes.

I purchased a Logitech C920 Webcam. It’s working wonderfully with iStopMotion. No crashes since.

For those of you who want to use the C920: purchase the “Webcam Settings” app by Mactaris from the Mac App Store. It let’s you adjust focus, exposure, etc.

I’m having the same problem. Is there a fix? I don’t want to purchase any new components.

I don’t know if I can help you, but I have the same problem on imac in my school with canon Eos 1300D (after Ten pictures, the software crashed!!!), and at home with the same camera on imac 27" or macbook air, no problem !!! perhaps video card or bus USB ??? Trust on an other computer…